Max has loved diving and the water for his entire life. At age five he got his first snorkel, mask and fin set. He would drive his mom crazy by tying an empty bleach bottle on his back for a tank and playing Sea Hunt. She would ask, "Why are you sitting on the washing machine with your feet inside?". He would reply, I'm Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) and this is my boat. By age 12 he built his first underwater housing for a camera and also started surfing at that same time. In 1979 he got his first chance to Scuba dive. College and hotel management took up a lot of time over the next few years. Upon returning from Australia, Max decided to work as a Dive Master full time and now teaches Scuba Diving. Although he is a PADI certified Instructor, his true love is underwater photography. This website is his portfolio to the world and a testimony to his love of mother ocean. It is Max's philosophy to, "Take Pictures, and leave only bubbles!"

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Manini Dive Company Reviews

Max simply is the best at what he does. His scuba tours are small and personal and he tells bad jokes in English, Japanese and now Korean. Seriously, his main concerns are your safety and that you have a great time scuba that order. He is also an amazing photographer so he will document your scuba dive with the Hawaiian turtles ("honu"), octopus ("tako") and other underwater creatures. Max is the ONLY person I would trust to take me diving on Oahu...and I've done it 11 times!

Stephen Dantzig
Honolulu, Hi

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