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About a mile off shore with Diamond Head crater in the background rests the wreck of the YO257. This old World War II Navy ship is one of the island’s most popular dive sites. She is resting upright at about 95ft. Holes have been cut through-out the ship making easy access to some of the interior cabins.

A retired Navy Yard Oiler built in the 1940s, the YO-257 was purchased by Atlantis Submarines Hawaii and sunk in 1989 off the coast of Waikiki. The YO, as it’s called by locals, sits at about 100-115 ft of water, but divers reach the top decks by 85 feet.
Teeming with marine life, one of the highlights of this wreck is the turtle cleaning station on its main deck, where divers can have a once in a lifetime experience with these magnificent creatures. Tropical reef fish abound, along with moray eels and reef sharks.
A very popular dive site, it’s accessible by most divers but can have very strong currents. We recommend you always use the mooring line and also keep a careful watch out for the 80 ton Atlantis Submarines that may cross your path.

Features: Shipwreck
Access: Boat
Level: Intermediate


YO-257 Wreck Michael B
Animal Life: 5 STARS Visibility: 5 STARS Currents: 2 STAR Reef Conditions: 5 STARS Waves: 2 STARS  Intermediate Scuba: 5 STARS Advanced Scuba:5 STARS
This is a simple deep wreck dive that is a blast to explore……put it on your things to do
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