San Pedro

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The San Pedro shipwreck is about 50 yards from YO-257. This ship was intentionally sunk by Atlantis Submarines Hawaii in 1996. Originally a Korean fishing boat workingin the south Pacific, the San Pedro now sits in 85 feet of water with main decks between 65-70 feet.
It’s weathered many storms, which have caused the upper decks and wheel house to collapse. A fun dive with reef sharks, eels, rays and green sea turtles,we often take our Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV) class out there to explore.

Features: Shipwreck
Access: Boat
Level: Advanced

Moray Eels
Whitetip Reef Sharks


San Pedro is another great Wreck Dive!!! Michael B
August 19, 2016

Animal Life: 5 STARS Visibility: 5 STARS Currents: 1 STAR Reef Conditions: 5 STARS  Intermediate Scuba: 5 STARS Advanced Scuba: 5 STARS
Wonderful views of animal life!
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