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Turtle Canyons is just off the coast near Waikiki. On the surface, you see surfers and paddlers but as you drop down, a whole new world opens up. Comprised of finger reefs,Turtle Canyons is a great shallow dive where you’ll sea green sea turtles being cleaned by schools of reef fish. There’s also a good variety of eel species that live here. It’s a great place to practice your buoyancy and get ‘up close and personal’ with marine life like crabs and hawkfish who take refuge in the coral.
Features: Reef Access: Boat Level: Novice Sealife: Coral Octopus Reef Fish Turtles


Turtle Canyon Michael B August 19, 2016 Animal Life: 5 STARS Visibility: 5 STARS Currents: 1 STAR Reef Conditions:5 STARS Snorkel: 5 STARS Beginner Scuba:5 STARS Intermediate Scuba: 5 STARS
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