Kewalo Pipe

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Pronounced “Kay-wa-low”, Kewalo Pipe is a shallow dive takes you along an old drain pipe off the south side where you’ll see finger reefs, moray eels and other marine life. It’s usually your second dive after the YO-257 and San Pedro.

Features: Reef
Access: Boat
Level: Novice

Puffer Fish
Tropical Fish
Whitetip Reef Sharks


Kewalo Pipe Michael B

August 19, 2016

Animal Life: 5 STARS Visibility: 4 STARS Currents: 1 STAR Reef Conditions: 5 STARS  Beginner Scuba: 5 STARS

This is a long pipe that you explore and find all sorts of hidden treasures and reef life! We found an octopus and had a lot of great photos and fun with it!
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