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A perfect photo opportunity, this World War II plane is a favorite among divers. Unlike other wrecks on Oahu, the Corsair was not intentionally sunk as an artificial reef. The pilot misjudged his fuel and made an emergency landing in 1948. Located just outside of Maunalua Bay in East Oahu, the plane sits at approximately 110 feet. In addition to the plane wreck, the area boasts a unique garden eel population and a dive site known as Spitting Caves (or China Wall Drift). Rock formations on the surface can cause swells to “spit” up into the air, and under the waves divers will find a 35-50 ft wall and a variety of caves and ledges to explore. Currents can be strong at this dive site, so always use the mooring line and keep an eye on your buddy.
Features: Plane Wreck
Access: Boat
Level: Advanced
Reef Fish
Tropicals Fish
Whitetip Reef Sharks


Corsair Wreck Michael B
Animal Life: 5 STARS Visibility: 5 STARS Currents: 1 STAR Reef Conditions:5 STARS Snorkel: 4 STARS Beginner Scuba:5 STARS Intermediate Scuba: 5 STARS
Fun and interesting dive site! Lots of terrific photos for you to take back and show off to your friends!!!
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